mercredi 1 juin 2016

june playlist - energy field mix 121 bpm

Hi all, let's go deeper, nothing to prove, a lot to give.


playlist :

01 Smash TV, Nishiki, My Favorite Robot Canada;
02 Spirit Catcher, Blast From The Past, 20:20 Vision;
03 Petar Dundov, Before It All Ends, Music Man;
04 Rodriguez Jr, Mistral, Systematic Recordings;
05 Dave DK, Smukke Lyde, Kompakt Germany;
06 Nico Stojan feat Jaw, Blue Hour (Adana Twins remix), URSL;
07 Nils Nuernberg, Flame Trees, Hive Audio;
08 David Mayer & Sebastian Voigt, Voyage One, Watergate;
09 Marc Romboy, Hypernova (Stephan Bodzin remix), Systematic Recordings;
10 Magit Cacoon, Love Express, Upon You Germany.


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