vendredi 1 mai 2015

may playlist - dead and alive mix

Hi all, amazing tracks I never had the chance to play in vinyl before.. so here we go with the waves!


playlist :

01 the howling, ry, ame, shortline, frank wiedemann remix, innervisions;
02 &me, youth, keinemusik;
03 elektrochemie vs tigerstripes, pleasure seeker vs Me & I, get physical;
04 stimming, the anger, liebe detail;
05 ruede hagelstein, let it happen feat hollis p monroe/overnite, watergate;
06 agoria, helice, hotflush;
07 jon hopkins, open eye signal, domino;
08 whyt noyz, shift, sci + tec;
09 robert hood, analog track (ghost), m plant;
10 vox low, something is wrong, boot & tax remix, correspondant.


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