mardi 1 décembre 2015

december playlist - disarmed dance mix

This one is dedicated to all people killed while they just wanted have fun. You can kill us all, you never go to heaven!

playlist :

01 DrumTalk, Lose Again, Crosstown Rebels;
02 Till Von Sein feat Mr V, The Manifest (Pablo Fierro remix), Suol Germany;
03 The Unhottest, We All We Are, Dessous Germany;
04 Davide Squillace & Plugger,  Waxoline,  This And That;
05 Basic Operators feat The Lazarus Man, The Thick & Thin Of It All (Acumen remix), Galaktika;
06 Ricky Ebner, Diffuse Clouds, Frucht;
07 Groove Armada, Get Down (Walker & Royce Meltdown remix), Moda Black;
08 Huxley, Weapon, Aus Music;
09 Polder, Catpusher, Bla Bla;
10 Denis Horvat, Purple Fiction (Sub37 edit), Upon You Germany.


dimanche 1 novembre 2015

november playlist - rainbow cruiser mix

Hello let's take a ride...

playlist :

01 Cuthead, Vibratin', Uncanny Valley Germany;
02 Andhim, Rollercoaster, Monaberry Germany;
03 Damian Lazarus / The Ancient Moons, Vermillon, Crosstown Rebels;
04 James Teej, Inside (Simon Garcia remix), Galaktika Spain;
05 Manuel Tur, 121 bpm, Running Back Germany;
06 Inxec, The Other Side, Half Seas Over;
07 Tube & Berger, disarray (feat JUDGE), Suara;
08 Partok Matushka Apfelberg, Nai Nai, Kompakt Germany;
09 Andhim, Spayce, Get Physical Germany;
10 Akase, Rust (Midland remix), K7.



jeudi 1 octobre 2015

october playlist - mountain beam mix

Yes that's it, just in your retina!


playlist :

01 Dosem, Lost Taxi (Henry Saiz & Marc Marzenit remix), Suara;
02 Whitesquare, Someone Else, 20:20 Vision;
03 Emanuel Satie, All The Lights, Get Physical Germany;
04 Kevin Over - Tapesh, Junior Street, Get Physical Germany;
05 Martin Landsky, Under The Bridge, Poker Flat Germany;
06 Agents Of Time, Emperor, Correspondant Germany;
07 Timid Boy, Shout Her, SCI & TEC Digital Audio Germany;
08 Spartaque, Reason To Believe, Tulipa Recordings;
09 Gary Beck, Leo, Bek Audio;
10 Kardinal Lowkey, Orcandas, Phobiq.

mardi 1 septembre 2015

september playlist - flying flowers mix

Hello, the good the bad and the silky podcast is back.


playlist : 

01 Hanne Lore, Be Good (Andhim remix), Heulsuse;
02 PhonoKemi, Rock So, Highgrade Germany;
03 Dauwd, Jupiter George, Kompakt Germany;
04 Of Norway, It's You feat Lois (Just Emma remix), Connaisseur Germany;
05 Ricky Leo & Luca Doobie, Three Sharp Knocks, Get Physical Germany;
06 Eli Escobar, NY So Hi, Night People NYC;
07 Copy Paste Soul, For Real, Gruuv;
08 Smash TV, Where The Dust Hangs High, Suol Germany;
09 Hot Since 82, Like You, Get Physical Germany;
10 Mr G, Let Down (Badly), Phoenix G.

mercredi 1 juillet 2015

july playlist - gradient spirit mix

Hi all, quite gradient for you ?!


playlist :

01 Viktor Talking MacHine, Abby, Monaberry Germany;
02 Dave DK, We Mix At Six, Kompakt Germany;
03 Siopis, Fire, Get Physical Germany;
04 Ricky Ebner, Pullbalber, SCI & TEC Digital Audio Germany;
05 Macromism, Floating Point,  Moan;
06 Dave Nash,  Take Your Time, Tulipa Recordings;
07 DJ Tonio, Bigger Than Yours (Oliver Giacomotto remix),  Suara;
08 Magit Cacoon, No Compromise, Upon You Germany;
09 Marek Bois, The Norm, Rrygular Germany;
10 Claytonsane/Cr3s, Inner Peace, Criminal Recordings.

lundi 1 juin 2015

june playlist - deep love smile mix

Hello, just want to share the deep love smile!


playlist :

01 dave dk, halma, kompakt;
02 escape, just escape, justin martin remix, aus music;
03 kollektiv turmstrasse, sorry I am late, diynamic;
04 hanne & lore, supergirl, monaberry;
05 coyu, just nin (he cries at night), andre lodemann remix, suara;
06 breach / oliver dollar, watch me work, dirtybird;
07 kevin over, basic cut, get physical;
08 simon shackleton, swt, stereophoenix;
09 mandy, gizmo, get physical;
10 hundred waters, cavity, shigeto remix, k7.


vendredi 1 mai 2015

may playlist - dead and alive mix

Hi all, amazing tracks I never had the chance to play in vinyl before.. so here we go with the waves!


playlist :

01 the howling, ry, ame, shortline, frank wiedemann remix, innervisions;
02 &me, youth, keinemusik;
03 elektrochemie vs tigerstripes, pleasure seeker vs Me & I, get physical;
04 stimming, the anger, liebe detail;
05 ruede hagelstein, let it happen feat hollis p monroe/overnite, watergate;
06 agoria, helice, hotflush;
07 jon hopkins, open eye signal, domino;
08 whyt noyz, shift, sci + tec;
09 robert hood, analog track (ghost), m plant;
10 vox low, something is wrong, boot & tax remix, correspondant.


mercredi 1 avril 2015

april playlist - absorb mix

Hi all, a really exciting tracklist this month. so much energy in 10 tunes.

enjoy !

01 a sagittariun, 3-4-3, alex jones remix, hypercolour;
02 dionigi, appetite for destruction, quantistic division;
03 kevin over, retrovision, noir music;
04 summer: brendon collins/swyft, under the canopy of stars, flora mix, tulipa recordings;
05 marco resmann, sun, upon you;
06 ricky ebner, bora bora, schwarzmark;
07 coyu, 1-2-3-fire, reboot's crackling wood rework, suara;
08 paul ritch, pulse, sci & tec;
09 mr g, crab jerk, breed;
10 scuba, pcp, hotflush recordings.


dimanche 1 mars 2015

march playlist - other load mix

Hello a kind of prayer to the sun... Bring it back please

enjoy !

playlist :

01 paul stickman, theme 001, sci tec;
02 &me, locust, keinemusik;
03 marco resmann feat soucie six, this song, upon you;
04 whitesquare, more touch, noir music;
05 smash tv, slayer, hive audio;
06 drums of death feat azealia banks & franklin fuentes, fierce, promo;
07 tapesh & kevin over, secret handshake, get physical;
08 maya jane coles, I would fly, mobilee;
09 ortis arado, jack in the box, a votre;
10 toni varga & alessan main, noise boy, enter music.


dimanche 1 février 2015

february playlist - hold me back mix

Hello a new digital era for the minimal show, hard to quit vinyls but so many tracks to explore now...


playlist :

01 &me, birdland, keinemusik;
02 sante feat judge, awake, ultra us;
03 yapacc, chudesato, lucidflow;
04 groove armada, rescue me, get physical;
05 red axes feat abrao, caminho de dreyfus, rebolledo remix, correspondant;
06 &me, fir, keinemusik;
07 tapesh & kevin over, sneak, snatch!;
08 tiefschwarz feat ruede hagelstein, fire it out (extented), watergate;
09 dave seaman & one million toys, everything comes in threes, d nox & beckers remix, tulipa recordings;
10 maya jane coles, burning bright feat kim ann foxman, dense & pika remix, hypercolour.

jeudi 1 janvier 2015

january playlist - mother fode mix

Hi all, let's begin this new year with a big big expect the unexpected vibe; only killer tracks, be prepared for a deep, underground and dirty mix.


playlist :

01 gardens of god, fiddler, ellum;
02 matthus raman, distance to mars, ipsum;
03 jay haze & esb, friday always remembers, leftroom;
04 deshte, you and I, krenta records;
05 dj boom, kinda kickin, efdemin remix, curle;
06 audion, dem howl, kompakt;
07 bicep & midland, d-mil dub, feel my bicep;
08 dense and pika, slow hand, hotflush;
09 hobo, public lies, soundz;
10 mark du mosch, amulet, tape.