samedi 1 novembre 2014

november playlist - under your skin mix

Hi all, this special one is dedicated to all those who refuse to be fooled and fighting against the established order.

enjoy !

playlist :

01 kris wadsworth, track 2, uranus 333;
02 joor ghen, involved, kompliké;
03 ilario liburni, kroket, invade records
04 joor ghen, revolved, kompliké;
05 #ff0066, b side, ode;
06 wigbert, destroy me, repeat music;
07 matthew styles, newbuild, xtra tamed;
08 kreon, globerip, ultra stretch;
09 downliners sekt, eiger dreams, monomood remix, infine;
10 topper, abuelito, gilesku.

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