lundi 1 septembre 2014

september playlist - I miss U mix

Hello sad times here... this one is dedicated to my best friend, the man I start mixing with, it was 20 years ago... and now I hope he's dancing with the stars.
love !

playlist :

01 steampunk'd, the plot thickens, amam;
02 stimming, china tree feat. piper davis, pampa;
03 &me, after dark, keinemusik;
04 daniel madlung & johannes retschke, twentygreen, vekton;
05 trikk, houx 93, harvey mckay remix, truesoul;
06 thomas a.s., melancholy expressions, act natural records;
07 danilo vigorito, dark star, orion;
08 danilo vigorito, black serenade, I side music;
09 dewalta & voigtmann, semi-floating objects, hello?repeat;
10 alexander kowalski, puesta de sol, stimming remix, factor city.

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