mardi 1 octobre 2013

october playlist - whispering dreams mix

hello, confusing time here... Listen to this mix as a message for someone I love and who really needs our good vibes!

enjoy and share...

playlist :

01 dürerstuben, gscheids planet, pampa records;
02 malin genie, ked blokken, dialegestai records;
03 coldfish, revelation one, g verrina & g ventura remix, all inn records;
04 die vögel, the chicken, pampa records;
05 jug, the difficult word, bart skils & anton pieete aka district one remix, autoreply;
06 strangers in heaven, set me free feat. jonny cruz, eric volta's higher contrast mix, souvenir;
07 victor munhoz & victor ruiz, so far so good, steven campodonico remix, frucht;
08 mark reeve vs taster peter, move it, truesoul;
09 tim xavier, arco della devozione dub version, rebellion;
10 mark reeve vs taster peter, set your noise, truesoul.

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