vendredi 1 juin 2012

june playlist - hipi mix

Hi all, a lot of beautiful and amazing tracks this month, with a special one from my friend rafael, hope you will enjoy them!

playlist :

01 &me, ashes, saved;
02 leghau, minimalize, ixel remix, flicker;
03 rafael murillo, background feat. jaw, la vie en rose;
04 kiki & chaim, love kills, bpitch control;
05 wahrlich & carbon, stilblüte, der hut;
06 groove armada, oh tweak to me, hypercolour;
07 behr, camino, nixwax;
08 wahrlich & carbon, maki menuett, der hut;
09 paranoid london feat. mulato pintado, eating glue, paranoid london;
10 micro trauma, contrast, max cooper rmx, traum.

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