mercredi 1 février 2012

february playlist - nag's blaude beat mix

Hi all, a very special mix this month, with only killer tracks!


playlist :

01 todd terje, ragysh, running back;
02 lee jones, duvel, aus;
03 philip bader, talk about it, highgrade;
04 tiger stripes, glorified, audiomatique;
05 francys, crossing the white line, highway records;
06 nico stojan, callejera, uponyou;
07 yapacc & wittmann, vodka yeah, under your skin;
08 boris the spyder, do you remember, ra:dar;
09 gabriel ananda, pharao, basmati music;
10 luke abbott, brazil, gold panda remix, border community.

2 commentaires:

  1. mate, keep going, that is brilliant !
    I worked all last week long with this poadcats !
    all quality and playlist included, great job !
    keep going !