samedi 1 octobre 2011

october playlist - deconfiture mix

Hi all, I hope everything is ok, enjoy all these amazing releases!

playlist :

01 alex jones & shenoda, have it your way, connaisseur;
02 stimming & david august, sexy biest, diynamic;
03 inxec v's droog, unhinged, crosstown rebels;
04 james what, it feels wrong, poker flat;
05 cabin fever, untitled (jacked out edit), rekids;
06 dachshund, shall we, highgrade;
07 tim xavier, stepping into the unknown, clink;
08 charles widmore & daniel rajkovic, quiet boy, rrygular;
09 alli borem, scotch your mind, desolat;
10 spank rock, energy, jan driver remix, boys noize records.

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