vendredi 1 juillet 2011

july playlist - hirsute mix

Hi all, great start with nice first releases of rafael murillo, many beauties from scb, midland, ripperton and many more... have a nice summer break for those who're not working.

playlist :

01 rafael murillo, araignée, popcorn;
02 guido schneider meets jens bond, out of sight, highgrade;
03 rafael murillo, arilska, popcorn;
04 ellen allien, my tree, ripperton's backlash remix, bpitch;
05 midland, shelter, aus;
06 scb, loss, aus;
07 cumiks, el final, john smthg rmx, dubmetrical;
08 glimpse, red cheeks, intacto;
09 superflu, hallo halle, mona berry;
10 rafael murillo, gouffre au sucre, jett.

2 commentaires:

  1. Love your show man, looking forward to August being dropped. chur!

  2. thank you!!! but next one will be posted the 1st of september...