jeudi 1 juillet 2010

july playlist - much love mix

Hello, a bit of house, a bit of minimal, a bit of techno and a lot of love... maybe your summer soundtrack.


playlist :

01 beyond sense, and if, pezzner remix, rebirth;
02 n/a feat rosina, fables and fairy tales, deniz kurtel remix, crosstown rebels;
03 jaxson & david keno, living large, yellow tail;
04 od musique & mark holmes, jungle pixies, baroque records;
05 edward, the ghetto, white;
06 agf / delay, connection, fritz zander remix, bpitch;
07 M A, octave, hatzlers canstuff nuthin remix, sui generiz;
08 sasha wins & igor shep, give me beast, freaaaaaks, signaletik;
09 boris brechja, the maschinen kontrollieren uns, harthouse;
10 extrawelt, nevereverdiskotricks, ideal.

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