mardi 1 juin 2010

june playlist - n'aies pas peur mix

Hi all, don't be afraid ! A very special playlist for me this month with 2 tracks from the Ep I've released on Resopal, I hope you'll enjoy them! The other tracks are just a beautiful tasty minimal techno for your mind and your body.


playlist :

01 max cooper, harmonisch serie, traum;
02 scsi-9, E ) ¤, pro-tez;
03 kleinschmager audio, audio 1, nico purman rmx, rrygular;
04 john smthg, lipstick building, resopal schallware;
05 rich jones, choronzon, sided dice;
06 lost veteranos, it's wrong, figure;
07 john smthg, il faut se preparer, resopal schallware;
08 james, harcourt, unpleasant surprise, popof remix, form;
09 cirez d, bauerpost, mouseville;
10 umek, 2nd to none, matt cooper remix, rekluse.

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