samedi 1 mai 2010

may playlist - forest room mix

Hello, is this a sleeping, dancing & laughing month or more a ghostly one... you just have to choose. A lot of very nice and surprising music for us this month.

enjoy !

playlist :

01 hey karolin, sleeping, dancing, laughing, hi freaks;
02 audision, red sky, robag wruhme's saint grobian mikks, &nd;
03 robag wruhme, colbi nekk, musik krause;
04 goldfish & der dulz, plants, haseland;
05 christian martin, ghosts, trapez;
06 the glitz, sunstep, ideal;
07 julian jeweil, tournicoti, plus 8;
08 spektre, flux aetenna, spektre;
09 umek, destructive enviroment, loco & jam remix, 1605 music therapy;
10 h2, day tripper, form.

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