jeudi 1 avril 2010

april playlist - cabine cleub mix

Hi all, only fantastics tracks for us this month. Hope you'll enjoy them like me.

all the best !

 playlist :

01 spectral sound, 083 x, white label;
02 robag wruhme, robellada, circus company;
03 moonbeam, tiger, roland m dill "got him by the tail" remix, traum;
04 deepgroove & jamie anderson, voix, harthouse;
05 bukaddor & fishbeck, raedereichen, mbf;
06 hell, feat brian ferry, u can dance, teufelswerk'instrumental version, gigolo;
07 alex young, koenigreich wind, ramon tapia remix, defblack 5;
08 miniminds, time and space, 1605 music therapy;
09 bundrat, carbon black, triple vision;
10 loco & jam, medusa, loco & jam's nitrous oxide'mix, reklusives


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