lundi 1 mars 2010

march playlist - mental palace mix

Hi all, I'm very happy to introduce you the mental side versus the palace side (for those who like it big!); with a limited vinyl release from deadmau5, a beautiful kollektiv turmstrasse track, a powerful umek remix, some amazing respekt releases and more.

enjoy !

playlist :

01 guy j, ballroom, bedrock records;
02 kollektiv turmstrasse, luechtoorn, musik gewinnt freunde;
03 ludwig coenen, its not a zoo, highgrade records;
04 antonelli electr, deal, level records;
05 deadmau5 & chris lake, I said, mau5trap;
06 jack de molay vs libex, wiplash, umek special rmx, hollister;
07 echo vacio, heckle & jyde, respekt;
08 spektre, black ice, respekt;
09 q'hey, freak out in, marco bailey & tom hades remix, mb elektronics;
10 boys noize, transmission, boysnoize records.

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