vendredi 1 janvier 2010

january playlist - resonance orbitale mix

Hi all, it still echoes in my head... I wish you a lot of great things, beautiful moments and peace for this new year !


playlist :

01 paul kalkbrenner, aaron, bpitch control;
02 hobo, touch, minus;
03 raudive, circles, rrygular;
04 gaiser, pullpush, minus;
05 andreas henneberg, shove, ideal;
06 pan-pot, confronted, adam beyer & jesper dahlback remix, mobilee;
07 andreas henneberg, aquaree, ideal;
08 dusty kid, train N°1, oblivion remix, boxer;
09 hobo, symptom, minus;
10 paul kalkbrenner, square 1, bpitch control.

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