mardi 1 décembre 2009

december playlist - is this the real life mix

hi all, a lot of great producers and great tracks this month, special respect to gaiser, dennes deen, electric rescue, secret cinema, max cooper, audio george and all others.

enjoy !

playlist :

01 ricardo villalobos vs los updates, driving nowhere, audio george remix, nicecat records;
02 gaiser, backyard, minus;
03 g-lectic, profundo, defblack;
04 mini, chronicles, asciidisko remix, space factory;
05 egbert, groots uitpakken, cocoon;
06 dennes deen, break it up, mb elektronics;
07 max cooper, stochastisch serie, traum;
08 electric rescue, super system, skryptom;
09 secret cinema, jazz me, cocoon;
10 daso & pawas, det, spectral.

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