mardi 15 janvier 2008

special guest mix : Gee_L

hi all, I'm happy to welcome Gee_L, an old underground party mate; after 10 years without any news, we met in the street and what a result, enjoy :

playlist :

01 Bender, project 25, confused;

02 Marc houle, lachs, minus;

03 Marc houle, bay of figs, minus;

04 Style of eye, H bomb, john dahlbäck remix, pickadoll;

05 Boysnoize, DIM is you, brodinsky remix, boysnoize records;

06 John dahlbäck, years from now, pickadoll;

07 Savant garde, trigger happy, acquaviva edit, definitive recordings;

08 Umek, lanicor, kupec;

09 Oliver huntemann, disco tech, monika kruse remix, confused;

10 Electrixx, second lesson, mono surround remix, sixtone;

11 Zero cash, planet stories, television rocks;

12 Zero cash, whopping bill, television rocks;

13 Alter ego, queen anne's revenge, klang;

14 Jesper and john dahlbäck, forsberg loves the acid, turbo;

15 Tiga, move my body, boysnoize remix, different recordings;

16 john dahlbäck, sting, pickadoll;

17 rokhaus, rock the box, mutate to survive

mardi 1 janvier 2008

now it begins! mix

hey, hey, hey, something occurred this night, no ?! I don't remember... anyway, killer tracks this month for a killer 2008! have fun :

playlist :

01 Sweat x, fashionista, citinite;

02 Synclair, expander remix, ilidio chaves, areal;

03 Xc, white label;

04 John dahlbäck dub, white label;

05 Oliver huntemann, sorgenbrecher, confused;

06 Wayan raabe, Arne schaffhausen, the missing guest, tony rohr rmx, boshke beats rec;

07 Paul nazca, 1962 pacific nuclear test, remo remix, giant wheel;

08 Broke, we ain't got it, kompakt pop;

09 Alex smoke, make my day, actress mix, soma;