mardi 15 mai 2007

special guest mix : gatasanta

hey there, a special electro set, with a sensual touch, for this month by gatasanta, enjoy!

playlist :

01 rude 66, break the silence;

02 alden tyrell, rendez vous at rimini;

03 alexander robotnick, bangkok impact;

04 marcello giordani, narcos;

05 maximilian skiba, apple of disco RD. ;

06 paul rutherford, get real (happy house remix);

07 mr pauli, don't want to be you;

08 pauli vs tyrell, little, S.Y.D. remix;

09 marcello giordani, modular boogie;

10 cosmic force vs catsan, moog memoires;

11 liaisons dangereuses, peut etre pas;

12 trans mania, boing, boom, jack, alexander robotnick remix;

13 magas, toys;

14 the neon judgement, the fashion party;

15 cybotron, clear;

16 AUX 88, rated A.U.X

17 kobol electronics, computer pervaded society

check out the gatasanta's space with mix, forthcoming parties and news:

gatasanta's space

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