vendredi 1 septembre 2017

September Playlist - Danse Infuse Mix 120 bpm

Hello, this is scientifically proven, isn't it ?!

Enjoy !

Playlist :

01 Stephan Bodzin, Birth (Super Flu's Early Contractions remix), Herzblut Germany;
02 Guy J, Equinox, Bedrock;
03 John Smthg, Loose Over, Curle Belgium;
04 Tom Demac, Hanging Flowers Of Albion, Hypercolour;
05 John Smthg, Walk Away, Curle Belgium;
06 Marco Resmann, Glide, Upon You Germany;
07 Will DeKeizer, Delta Gamma (Zombies in Miami remix), Tulipa Recordings;
08 Magit Cacoon, Light, Upon You Germany;
09 Echonomist, AAO, Upon You Germany;
10 Ghostlike, The Haunting, Parquet Germany.

lundi 1 mai 2017

May Playlist - Stop Hate Mix 125 bpm

Because we must think to reinvent a sustainable future.


Playlist :

01 Layton Giordani, Escalate, Drumcode Sweden;
02 Kiko, Onze, Noir Music;
03 Andre Salata, Running On AcidNoir Music;
04 Futur-E, Mycenaean Princess (Strinner Remix), Tulipa Recordings;
05 Harvey McKay, Never Forget, Suara;
06 Nico Cabeza, Nero (Macromism Remix), Tronic;
07 DJ Boris, Work That, Tronic;
08 & Juliane Wolf, Forever, My Favourite Freaks Music;
09 Daniel Boon, Memory, Advanced White;
10 Spartaque, Venus Express, Codex Recordings.


dimanche 1 janvier 2017

January Playlist - Tape Nodes Mix 119 bpm

Hello, I wish you a lot of love and happiness for this new year.
I really hope good vibes will be stronger than bad ones!


Playlist :

01 Aera, Running Hot, Innervisions Germany;
02 Mira (Berlin)/Christopher Schwarzwalder, Ayun (Jonas Saalbach remix), Katermukke;
03 Alex Under, Lolog, Kompakt Germany;
04 Ten Ven, Gandia, Sincopat Germany;
05 Olivier Giacomotto, Lovin Berlin, Global Underground;
06 Phil Kieran, No Life, Hot Creations;
07 Franca & Stomax, Bells Kitchen, Get Physical Germany;
08 Ruede Hagelstein, Fetzo, Upon You Germany;
09 Sei A, Space In Your Mind (Dj Tennis Miami Dub), Aus Music;
10 Christian Smith, Subzero, Tronic.


jeudi 1 décembre 2016